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Aviation simulator An-2 aircraft

28 565 $

Vendor code: 29239 2934 79

Aviation simulator An-2 aircraft

Vendor code: 29239 2934 79

28 565 $

Procedural simulator of the aircraft, the An-2 simulator with the ability to simulate the flight of the An-2 aircraft is designed to acquire the initial practical skills of the aircraft control in conditions approximate to real.

To fulfill the tasks on the simulator, the following list of functions is implemented:

Modeling the main instrument equipment of the aircraft;

Modeling the aircraft flight dynamics;

Imitation of the visual situation;

Imitation of acoustic noise;

taxiing on taxi tracks and runways;

take off and set of height;

Flight control during takeoff, landing and flight along the route;

Actions when piloting an airplane for instruments in the operational

Range of heights and flight speeds.

The simulator includes the following composite parts:

 Workplace of the trained (RMO) / Cabin layout:

 Imitation system of visual environment (SIVO) / Imitation module

Visual situation (Mivo)

 workplace instructor (RMI);

 Complex hardware, including:

o computing complex (VC);

o system of imitation of acoustic noise (SIAS) / audio system; o power supply system (SEP) / power module;

 Complex software, including:

o mathematical model of the dynamics of the aircraft o landscape of the region of flights of Sochi

O Instructor Interface

o Physical engine APHRODITE

 zip kit;

 Documentation Operational, including:

o List of operating documents O Operation Manual

O Instructor Guide

O form

o statement of a set of spare parts, tools and accessories o Maintenance Rules

o album of electrical circuits

o statement of operational documents for purchased products.

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