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Autogyr Mahaon 2T 250SS, 2016 y.

6 660 $

Vendor code: 29703

Atozhir Mahar.

Benson design.

Single instance. Built by aviation fans.

Made very high quality.

Rotor under the replacement. Kiel needs cosmetic repairs (seen in the photo). Also during transportation broken PVD tube.

Ride 7 hours.

POLINI THOR 250-THOR engine. 250ss 2x cloth 36l.s .. with a slipping clutch.

It is possible to install Rotax 502.

Ceiling with current internal 2000 meters.

Weight 95kg.

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Engine data:

Polini Engine 2 Stroke Monocylinder

Cooling Liquid Cooled

Bore for Stroke 72 x 60

Displacement 244 CM3

Power 36 HP

Max Trust 105 KG WITH Ø 150 cm Propeller

R.P.M. Max 8.000

Cylinder Aluminum with Gilnisil Coating

Compression Ratio 11.5: 1

Piston Two Chromium Plated Rings MM 1

Intake Reed Valve in the Crankcase

Carburetor Polini Ø28 Float

Ignition Electronic With Battery Charger Possible

Battery Charger Prearrangement Output Power 80 W AT 5500 RPM

Fuel Type E5 Petrol or LL AV GAS-Al WITH 2.5% SYNTHETIC OIL 100%

Consumption 2.9 LH 30 KG of Static TRUST

Clutch Centrifugal In Oil Bath


Engine Weight from 18 KG (WITHOUT RADIATOR)


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