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Mi-8T helicopter

900 048 $

Vendor code: 11937 23 November 4903 123

Mi-8T helicopter, 1978 y.

Vendor code: 11937 23 November 4903 123

900 048 $

Mi-8T helicopter

Offers for sale its own Mi-8T helicopter, which is airworthy and operated on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The helicopter is equipped with a lever-pendulum suspension and has an additional
internal fuel tank. All required improvements and bulletins have been completed.

Basic data on the proposed helicopter:

1 Mi-8T glider 9675 hours 1450 hours 30000 hours
until 30.10.25
1238 hours
until 16.10.25
2 Engine TV2-117A 1888 hours 931 hours 10412 hours 569 hours
until 12/30/29
3 Engine TV2-117A 1253 hours 1061 hours 10747 hours 439 hours
until 13.09.29

Main gearbox


4802 hours 835 hours 10886 hours 1853 hours
until 07/24/27

Carrier blades

screw 8AT.2710.00

1538 hours - 462 hours
until 03/29/25

How can I get more detailed information about the helicopter?

Companies interested in purchasing the aircraft are asked to contact Tehclub with a formal application. In response to which we will provide detailed information. An example of a request for a commercial proposal is in the sectionDocumentation. IMPORTANT: An official request is made on company letterhead (so that all details are visible), certified by the signature of the general director and seal. The following points must be listed (the more detailed, the better, thank you for your understanding):

  1. Passing years of production of the purchased helicopter
  2. For what purposes is the helicopter planned to be used?
  3. Is there financing and a specific budget for the purchase?
  4. Need a new one, repair fund or KVR
  5. Which country of operator
  6. Availability of a certificate (UCP)
  7. Do you need additional special equipment on a helicopter?

  • State: Used
  • Documents: Sold with documents

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Updated: 23 November 2023

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