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Cessna 172S Aviation Simulator

373 602 $

Vendor code: 29177 2468 51

Cessna 172S Aviation Simulator

Vendor code: 29177 2468 51

373 602 $

Initial training simulator flights on the Cessna plane.

Cessna CST-172S piloting simulator provides the ability to work out the crew members of the following tasks:

  • Technical preparation for flight;
  • taxiing;
  • take off;
  • Height set, flight route, decline and landing approach;
  • Keeping a bilateral radio crew members with land, among themselves and each of them with an instructor;
  • Flying in a circle, approaching, landing and care for the second round;
  • Mileage with the use of chassis wheels;
  • Actions with refusals of aircraft systems and faults.

Composition of the simulator

  • Cabin (K) simulator with workplaces of two flight crew members;
  • workplace instructor (RMI);
  • Imitator of the visual environment (IVO);
  • Digital Computing Complex (FAV);
  • The power supply system of the simulator;
  • Zip set.

The simulator complies with FNPT II certification requirements in accordance with EASA document (CS-FSTD - A).

The simulator is certified to work in aviation training centers.

The cabin of the simulator in size, the composition and placement of the equipment corresponds to the aircraft cabin on the scale of 1: 1.

The simulator cabin includes:

  • Equipment of workplaces of crew members;
  • Control system loading system.

Imitation of the conditions, equipment and systems:

  • Imitation of external flight conditions;
  • Imitation of aircraft flight dynamics;
  • Imitation of the power plant (all engine systems);
  • Imitation onboard systems;
  • Imitation of aircraft equipment.
  • Flight Management System;
  • Refsting of systems and equipment;
  • Imitation of the navigation situation;

Special Cases are being worked out.

  • engine failure, interruptions in engine operation;
  • Forced landing;
  • Emergency landings;
  • Fires;
  • Faults in the power supply system;
  • Instrument failures.

Set of operational documentation.

  • Composition of operational documentation:
  • Technical Description;
  • instruction manual;
  • Maintenance Rules;
  • Guide for instructors;
  • Form;
  • Statement of operational documents;
  • Vessel Zip;
  • List of components.

Warranty service life.

  1. Durability - at least 100,000 hours.
  2. Service life - at least 10 years.
  3. Warranty life - not less than 10 000 hours. or 24 months from the date of commissioning.

  • State: New
  • Payment: Any form of payment
  • Documents: Sold with documents

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