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282 Spare parts for Boeing

742 683 $

Vendor code: 29860 651 11

282 Positions of various airpact parts for passenger Boeing:

1) Time shutter speed relay (used), attached to the shower knob of the aircraft: 8 pcs.

2) Electric plug connections mounted on an aluminum mounting frame: 4 pcs.

3) Transmission and transformation block of the passenger entertainment system on the Boeing aircraft of all types: 2 pcs.

4) Control Panel (used) Boeing passenger aircraft service system: 57 pcs.

5) Set for replacing the springs of the seat of the seat of the seat of the airborne chair: 35 pcs.

6) Aluminum, all-metal rivet with a diameter of 2 mm for fastening the elements of the glider design: 3000 pcs.

7) All-metal rivet for fastening the elements of the fuselage of the passenger aircraft Boeing all types: 3500 pcs.

8) Telebilling Camera with one tube, with infrared illumination: 5 pcs.

9) Video server (used) with a memory of 32 GB memory for recording, storage, transmission of the image obtained from the camera: 2 pcs.

10) Liquid crystal colored flat video monitor, installed on the central dashboard in the cockpit of pilots: 3 pcs.

11) Liquid crystal 5.6 inch flat-screen color video monitor, installed on the center dashboard of the pilot cockpit: 3 pcs.

12) Electric control panel of the telenight aircraft of the Boeing passenger aircraft: 2 pcs.

13) Coffee machine (expresso) Passengers / crew: 4 pcs.

14) Sensor (used) smoke. Slot detectors are located in toilet modules on the ceiling: 18 pcs.

15) Passenger Entertainment Block Management Board: 2 pcs.

16) Electronic block (used) processing and distribution of control signals from passenger control panels of the MAS 2000 entertainment system.

17) Electronic unit (used) - video converter and audio signal, is part of the entertainment system MAS 2000.

18) The electronic control unit is part of the entertainment system MAS 2000.

19) Block (used) distribution of video signals of the entertainment system of passengers Ch / N RD-AA5101-10.

20) Electronic unit (network hub), which serves to create a local area network (used) in the MAS 2000E passenger entertainment service system.

21) 5.9 inch color monitor (used) on the LCD is a component of the entertainment system of passenger passenger aircraft Boeing of all types, diagonal 17.8cm, C / H Rd-AV7065-01 C / H 136034.

22) Electric plug connector of the "socket" type for connecting the headphones of the entertainment system, without active electronic chains. Voltage 1B: 90 pcs.

23) Hydraulic jack. Used to hang a nasal or main rack of the Boeing aircraft chassis of all types when replacing the wheel andBrake mechanism: 2 pcs.

24) Drive - gas-free mechanism (fittings) designed to deviate the passenger seat back: 43 pcs.

and a lot of other.

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