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Block А-723-7

50 000 ₽

Vendor code: 28898

A-723-7 control and display panel for sale. With documents, in excellent condition.

Block А-723-7 - (ISP) is intended for dialogue between the operator and the receiver-indicator (PI).

The ISP produces:

  • indication of navigation parameters (geodetic coordinates, linear and angular deviations from the line of a given path, ground speed, date, time, etc.)

  • input of the initial data into the memory device of the PI and checking the correctness of their input

  • correction of the entered data

  • indicate warning signals.

The front panel (Fig. 19) consists of an indication field (main and additional display), three switches (YARK, AVT-RUCH and a mode switch) and a type-setting field consisting of fourteen buttons.

The main board contains eleven indicators, seven dots and eleven transparencies (SEV, SOUTH, EXACT, REC, EAST, FAILURE, STOP, NUMBER, SYNCHR, ZONE) .

There are two indicators and two status lamps (FROM, ON) on the additional board.

Information received by the remote control from the BOD is displayed on the display field.

The mode switch switches on the product and changes the information displayed on the display field.

The YRK switch is designed to discretely change the brightness of the display field and provides ten levels of brightness.

The AVT-RUCH switch is designed to switch from automatic to manual program execution.

Using the typesetting field, information is entered from the ISP to the BOD.

Basic technical data:

Exchange with A-723-2 block …………… .. …… ..sequential bipolar code

with 32-bit words with clock

at F T = 50 kHz and a pause between

with 4 words F T .

Power consumed by the block & hellip; ……… .30 W

Weight …………………………………… .. 2.1 kg.


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