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Diesel ZIL-157K

4 250 $

Vendor code: 86528 668 22

Legendary worker ZIL-157K

In 1995, it was removed from conservation in the military unit and sold to me - the sole owner.

Delivered a reliable, powerful and easy-to-use diesel engine MMZ D-240. The alteration is officially framed and registered in the STS.

Loved the car and serviced in a timely manner. At full speed. Wheel formula - 6x6. Everything works, turns on and switches. Dismantled the swap. Good batteries, repair starter, everything is lubricated and nothing leaks. In great condition.

At the moment, I almost never use it on the farm.

I will leave it in caring hands.

I will give as a gift: fenders, hood, radiator, universal joint, steering rods, pendulum levers, fuel pump, water pump and many other small things.

  • State: Used
  • Payment: For cash
  • Documents: Sold with documents

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