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ICP Ventura Airplane, 2021 y.

90 840 $

Vendor code: 29038

The aircraft price of the ICP Ventura is indicated with delivery to Russia in the whale set.

Experimental Ventura 4

Ventura 4 is a four-seater aircraft I.C.P., designed to meet the requirements of amateur construction and suitable for the experimental category.

The design is fully made of aluminum; This aircraft is characterized by two large doors, of which, thanks to the adjustable and folding front seats, you can conveniently get to the rear seats.

Ventura is an extremely versatile aircraft, and thanks to a large engine compartment, it can be equipped with various solutions, ranging from Compact Rotax 912 (recommended only for a 2-seater version) and ending with a powerful 180-strong Lycoming IO-360.

What makes Ventura really unique - it is an opportunity to work on an unprepared runway, keeping typical STOL characteristics of all ICP family aircraft, combined with significant lifting capacity (415 kg with Equipping Rotax 915 IO-360 when equipped with Lycoming IO-360 ).

We are the official dealers of the ICP Italian Campaign. And we provide the assembly and sales of new Savannah lighting aircraft (2-seater), Ventura (4-seater) as well as maintenance and repair of data types of aircraft in Ukraine and in other countries. The advantage of this type is one of the best aerodynamic characteristics (STOL-SHORT TAKE-OFF AND LANDING), complete customization under the client (ranging from the power plant, the type of chassis and a different type and the type of air navigation equipment, ending with the color of the cabin and the entire aircraft). One of our advantages are competitive prices compared to the rest of such types of aircraft (the cost of the aircraft is equal to the price of the jeep class car). You can contact us using a mobile phone, email or through social networks.

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