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M134 Minigun, mockup

765 $

Vendor code: 5647 23 November 43477 696

A model of the American M134 Minigun machine gun is for sale.

Alternatively, you can purchase it for filming or as a gift. It looks very impressive. The minigun is available for sale with a gas shooting system. The price is for the set including tripod and box. The tape is not included.

Not a weapon, a replica, for decorative use only.

The box and tripod are also sold separately.

  • Wooden box 5000 rub.
  • Khaki box 6000 rub.
  • Tripod 7000 rub.
  • A minigun with a gas shooting system costs 75,000 rubles.

1) Boxes for storage of training ammunition with fastening for a belt with cartridges... three types - 8000 rubles.
2) Fabric backpacks on the back for ammunition (inside there is a box for tape) - 4,000 rubles.
3) Stainless steel sleeve for tape with training cartridges - RUB 6,000.
4) Shoulder strap for the Minigun model - 1,500 rubles.

“Minigun”, army index - M134, aviation index - SUU-11 and GAU-2 (containerized), GAU-17 (mounted), naval index - Mk 25) is the name of a family of multi-barreled rapid-fire machine guns built according to the Gatling scheme.

Impact on culture

In the movie Predator (1987), the minigun is used by actor Jesse Ventura, the future governor of Minnesota. According to military historian Gordon L Rottman, using a minigun as a man-portable weapon is impossible for several reasons, including weight (78 kg including the required batteries) and recoil (67 kgf average, 135 kgf peak). However, later the unliftability and impossibility of use were refuted by enthusiasts. The minigun as a portable machine gun was used in the films "Terminator 2: Judgment Day", "The Expendables 3", "Fast and Furious 7", "The Purge 2" by James DeMonaco, as well as in the computer games "Wolfenstein 3D", "Fallout" and "GTA" " In the weapons simulator game "World of Guns: Gun Disassembly" you can see the real functioning of the 3D model of the M134D minigun.

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Updated: 23 November 2023

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