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Airplane Il-76TD, rent

Price by request

Vendor code: 28675 05 February 20428 568

Airplane Il-76TD, rent, 1992 y.

Vendor code: 28675 05 February 20428 568

Price by request

Heavy transport aircraft Il-76TD are available for rent.

Long-term lease of an Il-76 cargo aircraft is possible for up to 3 years, or one-time cargo transportation to order. You can order this type of aircraft for cargo transportation by leaving a request, indicating the characteristics of the cargo and the desired date of transportation.

Important!So that we can prepare a commercial offer for you, and to make sure that you are serious about purchasing an aircraft on lease or rent, please send an official application on your company’s letterhead, with the director’s signature and seal.The application must indicate the following items:

  1. What are your requirements for the aircraft?
  2. For how long are you planning to rent the aircraft?
  3. Which country of operation?
  4. Which country's flag are you planning to fly under?
  5. How many hours per month will the aircraft be guaranteed to be in operation?
  6. What are the budget limits for a rental flight hour?
  7. Are you planning to rent with or without a crew, and in what capacity?
  8. What work is planned to be carried out using the aircraft?
  9. What is your home airfield?
  10. Do I need additional? specialist. equipment?

Cargo delivery by IL-76 aircraft is very important for interregional transportation of heavy, large-sized machinery and industrial equipment. Especially when there is a need to deliver within a short time frame.

Characteristics of the Il-76 aircraft:

  • Dimensions:
    • Aircraft length: 46.6m
    • Wingspan: 50.5 m
  • Aircraft height: 14.7 mWing area
  • : 300 m²:
    • :
    • Maximum take-off weight: 210 t (actually 195 t according to the register)
  • Empty weight: 88.5 tLoad capacity: up to 60 t
  • Fuel volume
  • : 109,000 l
  • Fuel efficiency: 187 grams/tonne/km at 3,700 km (2,000 nautical miles) range:
    • Speed
    • :
    • Cruising speed: 780-850 km/h
    • Minimum speed: 220 km/h
    • Range of flight:
    • with a load of 60 t: 4000 km
    • with a load of 48 t: 5500 km
  • with a load of 40 t: 6500 kmwith a load of 20 t: 8500 km
  • no load: 9700 kmConcrete runway length
  • — 2150 mCrew
  • : 5 people:
    • : 126
    • Cargo compartment size
    • :
  • State: Used

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Updated: 05 February 2024

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