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Aircraft Yak-40

130 000 $

Vendor code: 42858 29 May 24920 675

Aircraft Yak-40

Airplane on the wing. At the moment, the airworthiness has ended, an extension is needed.
Extensions are at the expense of the buyer.
Interested in buying airlines, please prepare and send us an official application.
After that, we will provide a commercial offer, providing a resource certificate and a purchase scheme.

Yak-40 - a short-haul aircraft designed to carry passengers and cargo. The aircraft is an all-metal monoplane with a low straight wing, T-tail and tricycle landing gear, retractable in flight. In the tail section there are three turbojet engines and an auxiliary power unit. The middle engine is equipped with a reverse-braking device that reduces the landing distance of the aircraft.

  • State: Used
  • Documents: Sold with documents

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Updated: 29 May 2023

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