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The engine TV2-117A

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TV2-117A engine produced in 1985.

Turboshaft engine with a free turbine (TVaD) TV2-117A is intended for installation on a Mi-8 helicopter

Takeoff power:

1500 hp

Specific fuel consumption:

0,310 kg / HP · hour

Cruising power:

1000 hp

Specific fuel consumption:

0.275 kg / HP · hour


2843 mm


550 mm


748 mm

Dry weight:

334 kg

Assigned resource:

12,000 hours

The engine consists of the following main components:

-compressor with rotary blades of the inlet guide vane (VNA) and guide vanes (HA) of the first three stages. Air bypass valves are installed on the compressor due to stage VI;
- combustion chambers. The combustion chamber has 8 working nozzles and 2 starting igniters;
- turbines of the compressor and a free turbine that transfers power through the shaft-spring to the VR-8 reducer; < / span>
- exhaust device;
- unit drive boxes. The following units are installed on the drive box: the GS-18TP or GS-18TO starter-generator, the HP-40VR fuel pump-regulator, the KA-40 command unit, the PN-40R hydraulic pump, the D-2 sensor of the turbocharger revolutions counter, the upper oil unit with a filter .

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