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Helicopter Mi-8AMT VIP, 2014 y.

9 500 000 $

Vendor code: 12802

The Mi-8AMT VIP 2014 helicopter is on sale.

The helicopter is ready for inspection after signing the Sale and Purchase Agreement and fulfilling its terms. This the aircraft, according to bulletins No. AMT 3283BU-G, No. AMT 3283BE-G, can be converted into a modification of the Mi-171. Operating time of SNE - 97 hours. Multipurpose helicopter Mi-8AMT (export designation Mi-171) modern modification of the Mi-8 / Mi-17 helicopter with engines TV3-117 and VR-14 reducer. Produced at the aircraft plant in Ulan-Ude.

How to get more information about the helicopter

Companies interested in purchasing an aircraft, please contact Tehclub with an official application. In response to which we will definitely provide detailed information. An example of a request for a commercial offer is in the Documents . IMPORTANT: The official request is made on the company's letterhead (so that all the details are visible), certified by the CEO's signature and stamp. The following points must be listed (the more detailed, the better, thank you for your understanding):

  1. Passage years of the purchased helicopter
  2. For what purposes it is planned to use the helicopter
  3. Is there funding and a specific budget for the purchase
  4. I need a new one, refund or CWR
  5. Which country of the operator
  6. Certificate (UPC)
  7. Does the helicopter need additional special equipment

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