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Mi-8, a real helicopter for a cafe

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Vendor code: 11165 2449 66

We offer for sale a decommissioned Mi-8 helicopter as a model for business.

Styling with a helicopter for a cafe, burger shop, street vending, or any other business. If you already have your own cafe business and have land for installing a helicopter in a walk-through area, then the Mi-8 helicopter is an excellent solution for continuing business development. If you are a beginner, then the Mi-8 Helicopter will help you successfully launch your unique business, as you will get your uniqueness from the very beginning. Stylization can be for any other business.

The advantage of working with us is that you get a helicopter-cafe “under the knife”:

  1. Restoration and painting of the exterior in a color that suits the needs.
  2. External branding with your logo and inscriptions.
  3. Restoration, finishing and painting inside.
  4. Helicopter delivery to your territory.
  5. Assembly of the helicopter and installation at its permanent location.
  6. Installation of specialized equipment for the specifics of your business.
  7. Installation of equipment that will match the menu of your cafe.

Dimensions of the Mi-8 helicopter:

  • Length (with rotating main and tail rotors) - 25.2 m
  • Main rotor diameter - 21.29 m
  • Height (with rotating tail rotor) - 5.65 m
  • Main landing gear track - 4.5 m
  • Chassis base - 4.26 m
  • Ground clearance - 0.445 m
  • Number of places:
  • 3 crew members
  • 28 passengers (reclining seats)

Cargo compartment dimensions:

  • Length - 5.34 m (without sashes)
  • Maximum width - 2.25 m
  • Maximum height - 1.7 m

Make your business unique.

Owners of this large helicopter will definitely attract the attention of all kinds of clients. Mi-8 will not leave either children or adults indifferent. If you think that your business should be attractive, then the Mi-8 helicopter is an excellent choice!

In addition to the helicopter, we can supply:

  • Anti-vandal tables and chairs.
  • Bicycle parking.
  • To operate in the winter, we will install heating.
  • For work in summer - air conditioning.

We will take into account other wishes - indicate your needs in the technical specifications and send them to us.

  • State: Used

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