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Tu-134 aircraft decommissioned, lease

Price by request

Vendor code: 28797 15174 371

Soviet medium-haul airline passenger aircraft Tu-134B-3 for rent

The plane is in Moscow. Perfect for filming, photo shoots, flight attendant training or other tasks suitable for renting a business aviation cabin.

Airplane advantage:

  • Premium quality interior, leather chairs
  • Interior elements are fully preserved
  • Equipped cockpit
  • Interior of auxiliary parts of the passenger compartment
  • Visual view of the airfield from the aircraft windows
  • Convenient location (Vnukovo airport), paved parking.
  • Flexible pricing system - 150 thousand rubles per day.
  • Hourly rentals are discussed individually. The price depends on the time of day, the number of hours rented and the number of visitors.
  • The territory of the airport, there are restrictions on this. Up to 50 people can visit the plane at the same time, and up to 10 cars can arrive at the parking lot.

This Tu-134 no longer has wings, engines, landing gear and a tail section. The appearance fully matches the photo.

If you are interested, please leave a request with technical specifications or call for further details.

  • State: Used

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