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Bell 407GX Helicopter Aviation

Price by request

Vendor code: 29720

Bell 407GX Helicopter Aviation

Vendor code: 29720

Price by request

For the Bell 407GX helicopter, a ready-made helicopter simulator is sold.

The simulator provides the ability to work out the crew members of the following tasks:

  • Technical preparation for flight;
  • Vertical takeoff;
  • taxiing;
  • Height set, flight route, decline and landing approach;
  • Maintaining the bilateral connection of crew members with land and among themselves;
  • Reducing the rotor self-removal mode;
  • landing of the helicopter and landing with planning in emergency situations;
  • Actions during failure and malfunction of the helicopter systems.

BELL 407 GX Helicopter Simulator Composition:

  • Cabind helicopter with double control;
  • workplace instructor;
  • Software;
  • Module for modeling medium outside the cabin;
  • digital computing complex;
  • Power supply system;
  • Spare parts;
  • Operational documentation.

The truck cabin is a mockup of a helicopter cab with simulators of the main aerobatic navigation instruments and helicopter controls.

Cab The simulator includes:

  • jobs for crew members from 2 people;
  • helicopter controls;
  • Dashboard.

The instructor's workplace allows training and control by the instructor for the actions of the students.

Basic functions:

  • Setting exercises for learning;
  • change of weather conditions;
  • Setting the external settings on the map;
  • Setting bounce onboard systems and equipment;
  • Record of the completed flight, with the ability to view in 3 modes;
  • Analysis of the flight results on the simulator;
  • General administration of the system.


The software module implements the operation of the entire real-time simulator, modeling the dynamics of the helicopter flight and onboard equipment, the work of the crew cab truck, the visualization system of the external space and modeling of acoustic effects, as well as the equipment of the instructor's workplace.

The software module is based on an open architecture and has the ability to build up, and then update the software blocks.

Environment Module:

Uses the visualization system with computer synthesis software, providing characteristics:

  • Visualization channels - from 3
  • Resolution 1920x1200
  • The number of displayed colors - 16,000,000
  • Frame rate - 30 frames per second
  • Angular parameters of the visualization view - 220 ° x 90 °

Digital Computing Complex:

The digital computing complex includes a computing system and network (switching) equipment,Designed to communicate elements of the complex among themselves.

Navigation media modeling:

aerobatic equipment simulator imitates work:

  • artificial horizon;
  • Pointer of rotation and sliding courses system;
  • Course Index;
  • Magnetic compass;
  • Speed ​​Indicator;
  • variometer;
  • Barometric altimeter

Operational documentation:

  • Technical Operation Guide;
  • Maintenance schedule;
  • Passport set;
  • List of operating documents;
  • Act of preliminary factory tests;
  • Album of electrical circuits;
  • Operational documentation for components.

Advantages of this helicopter simulator

  1. High quality manufacturing. Durability;
  2. Highly textual 3D scenes with a territory of the customer's choice;
  3. Competitive price. Low operating costs;
  4. Ultimate accuracy of the model of the aircraft and its systems;
  5. Exact model of the aircraft cabin. Real devices.
  6. Real Garmin G1000H

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