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IL-18 aircraft, decommissioned

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A decommissioned Il-18 aircraft is on sale - a passenger aircraft for long-haul airlines.

The car has already been decommissioned, with all documents and is fully complete, except for the engines. If it is necessary to deliver the aircraft to your base, our team will disassemble, transport and assemble on a turnkey basis (paid separately). You can also install engines or their layouts. We will assemble and assemble the aircraft for complete proper external condition. The IL-18 aircraft is ideal for installation on a pedestal, in a museum, in a collection of aircraft or for doing business: a cafe , restaurant.

Passenger compartment, dimensions:

  • Number of seats (economy) 89 120
  • Interior length (m) 24.0
  • Interior width (m) 3.23
  • Interior height (m) 2.00

Technical characteristics of the Il-18 aircraft

  • Passenger capacity: 80-122 people
  • Length: 35.90 m
  • Wingspan: 37.42 m
  • Height: 10.17 m
  • Wing area: 140.0 m²
  • Empty weight: 35000 kg

IL-18 - A four-engine turboprop low-wing aircraft with a single fin. One of the first Soviet turboprop liners. Years of production: 1957-1985

An example of the implementation of the project "Hotel-plane Il-18", which is successfully operating near Amsterdam -otel-dlya-dvoih-na-bortu-samoleta-il-18.html

The IL-18 aircraft is equipped with a bar, cinema, library, jacuzzi, sauna. IL-18 Once upon a time the Secretary General of the GDR Erich Honecker flew on it  Il-18 Frankly speaking, little has survived from Honecker in the Dutch Il-18. After retirement, the aircraft in Interflug livery was used as a cafe in the German village of Harbke. Then the plane was sold to the Netherlands. The Il-18 was transported by land to the Dutch village of Tege - a hundred kilometers from Amsterdam - and turned into a luxury hotel.  Il-18 The interior inside the passenger cabin has been completely redone.  IL-18 The plane was equipped with the latest technology - the phrase about the jacuzzi is not a joke. Even the water in the shower is turned on by pressing a button on a special remote control.

A real Finnish sauna. And this is on board the IL-18. IL-18 A good view of the Tege airfield runway opens from the windows and a special terrace in the rear of the aircraft. Only the cockpit remained authentic, apart from the fact that the Dutch decorated it with additional lighting. IL-18 This is what the cabin looks like in the evening - thanks to the UV lamp installed here. IL-18 A very comfortable bed is installed in the third salon - just where Honecker used to fly. IL-18 An example of design based on materials from the site

The second example is the Il-14 aircraft. It is smaller in size but looks impressive as well.

In Zurich, near the end of the 34th lane, there is one of the most interesting restaurants in Switzerland - Runway34. The highlight of the interior of the aviation-themed restaurant is the Russian Il-14T aircraft. IL-14 1 The entrance to the restaurant has recently been decorated with the French fighter jet Dassault Mirage IIIS. 599221_original The restaurant is dedicated to travel and aviation. The menu is made in the form of a wing. The cuisine is international. Each table is dedicated to a particular direction of flight. Waiters deliver orders on aircraft carts. 599481_original There are real aviation seats around some of the tables.  599757_original The main feature of the restaurant is the Russian Il-14.  IL-14 At the beginning of the 2000s, former Swissair pilot Reto Sipel became interested in the plane. Having decided to create an aviation restaurant, he was looking around the world for an aircraft. DC-3, oh which Reto initially thought turned out to be expensive, in the end the choice fell on the Il-14. Having brought the Il-14 to flight condition, aviation enthusiasts drove the Il to Zurich on their own with landings in Brest, Warsaw and Prague! I even had to get a new registration for the flight Kyrgyz - since all FLA flights at that time were prohibited.  IL-14 Those interested can visit the salon and look into the cabin. plane restaurant An example of design based on materials from the site

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