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Pontoons, bridges, crossings

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Sale multi-purpose modular pontoon systems out of plastic and metal.

Our company specializiruetsya on the production of modular floating platforms on the basis of the pontoons according to your specifications. Material pontoons - plastic or metal. 

Ready-made solutions on the basis of the pontoon modules:


    technical fleet



    modular court




    platform under cabins on the water

    platform for floating hotel

    the scene on the water

    mobile floating helipad

    platform for houseboats



    the quay of the river

    marine jetty

    shot with a turn-around area

    ponds for aquaculture

    the quay wall for the historic quays

Modular court:


    non self-propelled barge 1,000 tons

    self-propelled ferry

    propelled by steam



    bridge bearings

    the bridge without supports

    the bridge on the winter road

 plavoet Construction using modular systems to order. 

Has its own design Bureau. The main production is under the supervision of our experts will be in your area, as you get your working area in the shortest possible time and certification of Maritime and river register. The advantage of pontoons in quick Assembly and disassembly, transportation platforms in the dimensions of the place of use, reusable use. Send a request to purchase modular pontoon with Your specifications and we will prepare a proposal. the List of required initial information for the design of the floating structure on the basis of the pontoons.

    the dimensions of the floating structure for calculating the required number of elements.

    the Planned objectives and functions of the floating structure:

- the maximum number of people that can be on the floating structure at the same time or the maximum  load  use  machinery or equipment;              - the type, tonnage, sketches (drawings)of ships that are planned to be moored to the floating structure.    

    Type of the water body (river, lake, etc.) where you plan to install a floating structure.

    Depth and characterization (description) of the seabed to determine the design of the anchor fixture.

    the Difference is the level of the water before low tide and after it.

    the excitement Level in bad weather and the average of the excitement for the year.

    Medium-climatic conditions, at least one year (better – based last 10 years).

    Parameters of sea currents when using a floating structure in open sea.

    wind Speed.

    the Following information when using the floating structure is moored to a variety of engineering structures (the best option – pictures):

- distance from the water surface to the surface of existing piers or quays at low tide and high tide; - parameters (dimensions) of an existing dock or pier; - any other available information about the location of the floating structure.

the advantages of our technical solutions:


    under the Standardized cargo containers the size of the pontoons in length and width (mm 12192х2438 or 6058х2438 mm). Height varies according to the customer (from 1 to 2.5 m) depending on lifting capacity, depth of precipitation, and so on. Thus greatly simplified the task of delivering and moving pontoons road, rail and other transportation.

    Ease of Assembly and reliability. Connection special locks along the entire height, does not require the involvement of divers. The capacity of one pontoon is 20 so That is 3-4 pontoon is assembled in a module, for example, the cargo area, safely withstand 60 tons and more.

    the Universalism of the modular Assembly allows to design the pontoons to create a variety of mechanical means, such as pontoon bridges and ferries, piers, wharfs, self-propelled and non-propelled cargo area, marine railway systems, barges, landing stages, floating cottages and cabins, platforms special purpose (diving, for placement and operation of machinery, storage of materials).

    Use high quality marine steel-3 with a thickness of 4 to 12 mm, based on the objectives and wishes of the customer. The chemical composition of the steel is controlled by its own laboratory.

    Certification: GIMS, RRR, RMRS. Makes it possible to free commercial using modular systems.

    According to customer's specifications, floating pontoons made of metal can easily transform into self-propelled. Suspended or fully-certified shipping stationary engines (with all necessary equipment control) can be installed if necessary.

    the Ability to install additional equipment: ramp, floating dock, Davit, windlasses, anchors, winches, thrusters, dismantled fences, etc. Technical support of production database, constantly updated, and updated inventory of ship equipment, and high level engineering team allow us to solve almost any problem.

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