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Prefabricated buildings

Price by request

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pre-engineered building with ample inner space and communications

Designed with the features of your company and erected ready to enter the building for 2 months. Cheaper to build your own building than to rent

Loan payment* building our production per month cheaper to lease production facilities in a month

*We can help with a soft loan under 0.5 of the refinancing rate

Only 2 months - and entry!

In our experience this is the average time from the start of the project until the entry into a new finished building. the time of the erection depends on the duration of works on leading of engineering networks.

Design of mobile, location choose by myself

the move will take only a month if you disturb the neighbors or do not like the current location.

Intelligent management with mobile phone from anywhere

We install video surveillance systems and managing buildings online. TWO months FROM concept TO IMPLEMENTATION

land Preparation


dome Installation

Installation of mobile life-support system

the Installation of engineering structures and partitions

01 the land FOR the CONSTRUCTION


Design easy to maintain and can be mounted on any solid plot or open land.

the Construction is done according to special technical conditions for about a month without requiring a project. The rise of the dome is 5 hours.

the Foundation does not need. On the site are a concrete slab on the level of system equalization to obtain a flat surface where you will later flooring.

the Earth may be like in your property and rent. The building can be erected on the site where a standard building to build to build the Park, network, etc.

*We can help with the paperwork that will be useful for communication with regulatory authorities.



we Calculate and plug in the necessary power of the electric power, install heating system, ventilation, water supply and sanitation. The calculation depends on the scale of production, and the functional purpose of the design. We have developed blocks utilities.

We have developed all related equipment: mobile toilets, boiler rooms and boilers, air conditioning systems, ventilation, electrical, and communications components, as well as the input and the engineering group.

*Offer our assistance in obtaining permits for connection to centralized utility networks.

03 the DOME


the Upper part of the structure, multi-layer PVC fabric with high density (goo g/m2) and UV stabilizers. Does not support combustion (Flammability class G1).

In the soldering process produces cylinders that are filled with air. The configuration of such products is supplemented with air pump system and duplication of fans with the online control and sanagasta, as well as armor of power supply from the generator, capable of disabling power to operate in emergency mode.



the Design project includes a floor plan with a choice of floor coverings, inflatable partitions, as well as ready-made modules: meeting rooms and classrooms of different sizes, sound insulation portable capsules for solitary work.

Every building we equip the input groups and entrances.

Design and install stained glass Windows for the penetration of natural light and racks of electrics and lighting for uniform and local artificial light.

05 life support


We equip the building of the technical systems that create optimal operating and climate conditions for work colleagues.

application of the building and the estimated number of people inside depends on the calculation and design of mixing systems air conditioning and heating.

From your mobile phone from anywhere to monitor and control the temperature in the building.

We equip the design of video surveillance system both inside and outside. If necessary, the possibility of setting the building on guard.

Operating costs

Thickness walls filled with air is 2.5 meters. Noise and heat insulator is the air.

unlike Pneumofore designs their systems to maintain tissue that consume electricity non-stop, our building is inflated once and for all, and the system swap is included only 1 time per hour for one minute. So the costs are commensurate with the traditional brick buildings both in summer and winter seasons.


20 years. The material is durable, resistant to corrosion. Contains UV stabilizers to counteract the pernicious influence of ultraviolet rays.

the Material does not support combustion.Reinforced PVC belongs to the group of Flammability G1.

Natural conditions

What are the limitations in the cold or heat?

material heat control from 35°C to 70°C. this material is made of the facilities of the district the far North and for use in difficult climatic conditions.

How the design responds to the rain and snow?

the Structure can withstand the load from precipitation to 150 kg/m2. Snow on the dome is not delayed.

Design afraid of the wind?

Wind load of up to 30 m / s design will not disturb you.

reliable design

the Dome is lowered completely for 3-4 days, even if you disable system paging.

the Compressor unit 5.5 kW is switched on every hour for 1 min to compensate for the natural diffusion of air through the fabric.

the Design is not afraid of holes and holes, since the inside of the pneumocylinders only 3500 PA. When you see the hole pump system will turn on for a longer time.

How we work

after Receiving your application, we will contact you for further details. Then we will prepare for you a commercial offer with future project design, internal arrangement and its final value.

You choose the size of the building in width to 40 metres and a length of footage not restricted.

If the width of the building is 40 meters (R), the height of the dome is R/2 = 20 meters.

Cost of construction

&≈; 260 - 350 € turnkey included In cost of communication, the internal arrangement and equipment of life-support systems. We always welcome and invite you to see how it works.

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