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Swash Mi-8T, 1991 remfond

1 700 000 ₽

Vendor code: 10280

Swash Mi-8T, 1991 remfond

Vendor code: 10280

1 700 000 ₽

Sale cheap swashplate for helicopter Mi-8T

Produced was design in 1991. The mean time from the beginning of operation 5273 hours.

Buy spare parts for helicopters, after leaving the application on the website Tehclub.

Also sells other machines skew remfond:

Name; Year of issue; SNE; Price including VAT.


    Remfond: swash 8-1950-000 1988 4998час. Mi-8T 1 700 000,00

    Remfond: swash 8-1950-000 1975 5986час. Mi-8T 1 300 000,00

swash provides control of vertical movement of the helicopter and its tilt in roll and pitch; this machine periodically changes the mounting angle of each of the propeller blades depending on where the blade is at a certain point in time during the rotation of the screw as a whole.

swash — mechanism to control main rotor helicopters, gyroplanes and convertiplanes.

swash plate helicopter

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