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Model of the T-34-76 tank

54 744 $

Vendor code: 35641 25465 1092

Model of the T-34-76 tank made on the basis of the BTS-1 (T-44) tractor, the chassis is original, the top is a remake.
The car is running, with documents. It is registered with Gostekhnadzor.
Ideal for participation in patriotic restorations, filming, etc.

Story: from March 1941, the T-34 began to be installed76.2 mm F-34 cannon(model 1941) with barrel length41.5 caliber and the initial speed of an armor-piercing projectile of 662 m/s, which penetrated 60 mm armor from a distance of 1000 m: T-34-76 is a clarifying designation for this model.

  • State: Used
  • Documents: Sold with documents

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