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T-34 tank for pedestal, copy

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Soviet medium tank of the Second World War T-34-76 for installation on a pedestal as a monument, layout.

The tank is made on the basis of the ATC-59 (tracked high-speed artillery tractor). T-34 is empty inside, not on the move, only for a pedestal as a motionless monument. Suitable for a patriotic park, for filming films, in a residential complex for entourage on the site ...

Not a weapon. Civil documents available.

History of the T-34 - The most massive tank of the Second World War and the post-war period. in series production since 1940. During 1942-1947 - the main tank of the Red Army and the USSR Armed Forces. It was the main tank of the Red Army until the first half of 1944, before its modification T-34-85 entered the troops.

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Updated: 15 May 2022 22.

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