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T-34 wireless remote control, 1:2,2

17 867 $

Vendor code: 10190 2088 58

Sold an exact copy of the T-34-85 on-the-go at a good price.

the Scale of this design is reduced up to 1:2,2 to the original. To control this tank very very easily. The remote control will help in this as shown in the video. It is a petrol engine - this gives the technique good mobility. Tower at the model T-34 rotates 360 degrees. This tank can be used for public Patriotic events. After all, to introduce the younger generation to the age-old tradition of defending the homeland is our duty. The tank attracts all people with its quality and beauty of execution. This model will brighten the Day of Victory in any city. is Not armed, the replica is only for civilian use.

On the acquisition of T-34 tanks please apply to Tehclub.

T-34 — Soviet medium tank during world war II, mass-produced since 1940. During 1942—1947 — the main tank of the red army and the Soviet armed forces

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