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Tank T-70

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Soviet light tank T-70

The T-70 tank (replica) of the 1942 model is made to order.
The photo of the T-70 tank is shown as an example. It is not a weapon. For decorative use only. Suitable for museums, patriotic parks, collections, art objects, exhibitions, etc.

By decree of the State Defense Committee of March 6, 1942, the new combat vehicle was adopted by the Red Army under the symbolT-70. Two days later, the State Defense Committee issued a decree on the production of the tank, according to which factories No. 37 and No. 38 were involved in its production from April.
According to some tank commanders, the T-70 was the best suited for pursuing a retreating enemy, which became relevant in 1943. The reliability of the T-70's power plant and chassis was higher than that of the T-34, which made it possible to make long marches.
The T-70 light tank and its improved version T-70M were in service with tank brigades and regiments of the so-called mixed organization, together with the T-34 medium tank. The brigade had 32 T-34 tanks and 21 T-70 tanks. Such brigades could be part of tank and mechanized corps or be separate.

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