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Tank T-34-85, copy 1: 1

54 975 $

Vendor code: 25314 1327 41

Tank T-34-85, scale 1: 1, layout.

Steel frame with plywood sheathing. A tower made of fiberglass on a plywood-foam block. The term of production is 6 months.

The price of a street product in metal with delivery and installation will be around 8 million rubles. Option lightweight for installation on a pedestal or without access to "park visitors", can be completed in 4 months. It takes about 2 weeks for delivery and 1 week for installation. Execution material - prefabricated metal frame, fiberglass, sheet metal, moisture-resistant plywood, other composite materials. Weight approximately one ton. In this case, no crane is required, assembly will be done on site. Budget 4 million + 500 thousand delivery, installation.

Our full-size layouts can be used for exhibition purposes, monuments, decorations, strategic, tactical and military training tasks. As a rule, these products are lightweight, collapsible, maintainable in “field” conditions, transported by ordinary transport. Thus, on a lightweight collapsible frame, various modifications of equipment made on one chassis can be implemented or products for different target groups of buyers can be demonstrated - military, civilian, special version.

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