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Tank T-37A, replica

Price by request

Vendor code: 25523 769 72

Tank T-37A, replica

Vendor code: 25523 769 72

Price by request

Sold Soviet light amphibious tank T-37A.

Do the technique under the order. the Tank was recreated on the original units. Such tank T-37A as in the photo restored by the restorer of Porosenko A. V. and our workshop. We have carried out work on the welding of the body and the Assembly of some units. On display in the Museum “Battle glory of the Urals”, the town of Verkhnyaya Pyshma. Tank with all necessary documents. You can purchase for installation on a pedestal as an exhibit, or on the go pleasure for Patriotic events. Perfect for shooting historical films, for Patriotic Park, in a private collection or Museum. Buying under contract of sale.

Our main approach to business recreation equipment.

Our main approach recreation equipment – to produce parts and assemblies with an absolute number of copies per cell to the original. And the original parts to restore to working condition. We, therefore, used in the manufacture of computer modeling and the creation of electronic drawings, laser and waterjet parts, cooperate with the foundries and professional machining companies. All this allows to produce a high quality and fully functional equipment.

is Not the weapons, the replica is only for civilian use. There are civil documents.

history of the T-37A

In literature often referred to as tank T-37, however, formally this title was wearing another tank, not gone beyond the stage of prototype. T-37A — the first production amphibious tank in the world.

Dimensions T-37A


    body Length mm 3730

    Width, mm 1940

    Height, mm 1840

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