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Volvo C303

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Vendor code: 98952 359 15

Volvo C303

In good technical condition, used very rarely.

Many collectors have it in their collections.

The most “delicious” thing about this device is its portal bridges. The springs lie on top of them, so the ground clearance is 380 mm. Note that this is on standard 280/85-16 tires. 100 mm more than the UAZ with military axles, and 160 mm than the “loaf”. And practically absent overhangs and a short wheelbase make the car’s geometric cross-country ability simply incredible. The car climbs and climbs over large sharp bumps, without even catching the chassis on the ground, in places where many lifted SUVs have been planted.

  • State: Used
  • Payment: I sell for cash
  • Documents: Sold with documents

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