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Luaz Lunokhod

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Luaz "Lunokhod", modernized.

The VAZ 2106 engine is installed.

The machine has retained the swimming function.

It so happened that the development and serial embodiment of Luaz-969 in the USSR coincided with the study of the Earth’s natural satellite with the help of special devices with remote control in the early 70s-Lunokhod-1 and Luno Road-2. Some consonance and even external similarities predetermined the people for the same name for the car. However, there is no direct connection between them. The prototype for the Lutsk “King of the Offasses” was an object of purely military purpose-the so-called conveyor of the front edge of the LoAZ-967, created by order of the Ministry of Defense in the 60s. The machine is extremely specific and extremely functional. A displacing body with an open top, fast-removable sides-tracks to overcome ditches and trenches, a special location of the seats-with a driver’s in the center and the ability to control the lying machine. In the bow, a winch is provided - mainly as a means of secretive evacuation of the wounded. The main technical solutions of the “967th” formed the basis of the “civilian” SUV, although the body is hidden for it completely different.

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