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Introducing an all-terrain vehicle that will impress everyone with its super-cross-country ability! It was created on the basis of the developments of domestic designers. Today it demonstrates a completely new level of all-terrain construction. The all-terrain vehicle, named SHERP, easily overcomes boulders, fallen trees and other obstacles up to 70 cm high. It swims perfectly, passes swamps and deep snow without difficulty. It is also able to easily get out of the water onto the ice. On this trouble-free car, we repeatedly drove to the place where no man's foot has stepped. We saw the pristine nature of Taiga and Tundra, the swamps of Ugra and the mountains of the Kola Peninsula. And everywhere SHERP instilled in us a sense of confidence and calmness. It will not be difficult to buy the Sherpa All Terrain Vehicle (SHERP PICKUP) at a good price at Tehclub.

Key features

  • Unique, unparalleled passability;
  • Ability to go out on the ice on your own;
  • High buoyancy thanks to a sealed body, wheels with a volume of 800 liters each and a wheel inflation system;
  • Air-circulating suspension, operatively adjustable tire pressure for different soils;
  • Unique low pressure tubeless tires;
  • Low fuel consumption (diesel) 2-3 liters per hour on any type of soil;
  • Light weight;
  • Loading capacity up to 1000 kg;
  • High autonomy - 58-liter fuel canisters are built into the wheel rims, thanks to which the total fuel supply increases by 232 liters;
  • Simple and reliable construction;
  • Small dimensions for easy movement in tight spaces and easy transportation;
  • Covered cabin;
  • Reliable Japanese Kubota engine;
  • Ease of maintenance and repair;
  • Kingstones for draining body water;
  • Power frame at the base of the structure;
  • Smooth bottom;
  • High survivability - SHERP continues to move after the failure of one or even two wheels!
  • The possibility of heating the cabin from the engine, stove, autonomous heater" Webasto "(WEBASTO);
  • A special container for the fuel system for continuous movement in heel conditions. "Fuel starvation" due to the large bank is excluded!
  • Climbing 35 degree slopes;
  • Side turn - the all-terrain vehicle is able to turn in almost one place;
  • Extra berths - maximum possibility of placing 4 full berths;
  • Hold under the floorboards with a total volume of 170 liters for storing necessary things, equipment or installing an additional fuel tank;
  • Excellent ergonomics and handling;
  • Rear view camera for greater traffic safety.
  • Turning radius 2.5 meters

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