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Aircraft CM-92T Finist

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SM-92 universal aircraft for sale

Designed to carry 6 passengers and 600 kg of cargo. The aircraft can be used for patrolling forests, oil and gas pipelines, aerial photography, landing 7 paratroopers, and transporting the sick and wounded. Installation of float and ski chassis is provided. The aircraft was built according to the strut-braced high-wing design. It has a single-spar straight wing of high aspect ratio. Ailerons and single-slot two-section flaps are installed on the trailing edge. At the tip of the wing there is a caisson tank for 180 liters of gasoline. The fuselage of the aircraft is semi-monocoque. The aircraft cabin is heated with outside air heated by exhaust gases. The flight deck has two doors located on both sides of the fuselage. The entrance to the salon is through a sliding door on the left side (1100x1200 mm). The landing gear is tricycle, with a tail support. The power plant is a 9-cylinder air-cooled piston radial engine M-14X (M-14P). The M7V-9 propeller is a three-bladed propeller with automatically variable pitch, developed by the German company Muhlbauer. The power plant is separated from the cockpit by a steel fire partition. If necessary, the aircraft can be equipped with a second control post.

Standard version of the SM-92T aircraft

In the standard version, the aircraft is equipped with a Garmin navigation system, an N-75-200 engine and an AV-508 propeller. There are two pilot seats in the cockpit, and five passenger seats in the cargo-passenger cabin. The aircraft is supplied with sets of ground support aids 1:1 and spare parts, tools and spare parts accessories 1:1. The operation of the aircraft is carried out according to its technical condition within the assigned resource with the implementation of operational and periodic maintenance provided for in the current operational documentation. Periodic labor-intensive forms of maintenance or major repairs are not required.

Terms of payment for the aircraft

Payment terms: 70% – advance, 30% – when the aircraft is ready for shipment. The estimated production time for the aircraft is 6-9 months from the date of advance payment. When ordering several aircraft, the production time is 6-9 months before the release of the first aircraft, and then at a frequency of 1 aircraft every 1.5-2 months, depending on the volume of the order.

Delivery of the aircraft to the customer

The aircraft is delivered to the customer either by ferrying it to its home base under its own power, or by transporting it disassembled by ground transport. In the first case, the aircraft is handed over to the customer’s receiving crew in Smolensk, in the second, assembly and flight are carried out by our specialists at the customer’s base.

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Updated: 23 November 2023

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